Saturday, May 19, 2007

Here is a test shot of a visualization of The Big Bang. This is a low-rez file, done with Photoshop and Lightwave.

Venturing further into 3D Land, Gravity Arch Media recently produced this short clip, below, of CGI footage as a form of "background plate" showing a floor-by-floor ascent in the cage-type elevator of The Farraday Building, fictional home of private investigator Toby Peters, beloved mystery sleuth character of award-winning author Stuart M. Kaminsky. Toby Peters stars in 25 novels, all set in Los Angeles of the early 1940's. Gravity Arch Media is proud to be associated with Stuart Kaminsky, and you can find this clip on the Toby Peters section of his website,

Here is a Hi-Rez still of the same scene, from a different angle.

And here is the first finished shot from Gravity Arch Media's current production, a long-form spot for Baron Hats, featuring Toby Peters. Here we see Toby descending in the Farraday's elevator.

Here are two tests I created for a company logo in 3D. Simple, low-rez stuff.

Above is a spot we produced for Fountain of Grace.

Below are two tests of transporter effects from STAR TREK (Original Series) and STAR TREK: The Next Generation.

And here is another test of the Star Trek transporter effect, this time at Vasquez' Rocks... er, uh, we mean "Cestus III."

The interesting part of this effect is the fact that the second man walks right up behind the one who is being "beamed" as the effect is happening, and you can see through the transportee to the action beyond. Normally, the easy way to do this would be against a Greenscreen, but we decided to "up the ante" a bit and shot it live, on location, IN ONE SINGLE PASS. We did not use two separate takes and matte them together, nor did we compress the time in the take. Unfortunately, the "sparkle" effect is digitally-created flat artwork, and so it lacks the hydro-dynamic effects of the originals, which were achieved by high-speed filming of Alka Seltzer in hot water. Of course, we had to make this scene at least A LITTLE silly...

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